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IT Portfolio Management: Best Practices and Benefits to Your Organization

Are you an information technology (IT) department manager who plans to optimize your IT operation and help boost your organization’s overall efficiency?
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Enterprise Digitization: What Is It and How It Can Benefit Your Private Equity Business

The private equity sector is a finely-tuned game of inches, predicated on timing and high quality (and often asymmetric) data. Being able to access or generate actionable, decisionable data before your competition has the same information is almost invariably the dividing line between success and failure. But how do you actually accomplish this?
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You Are Not Alone

As we continue to grapple with the current visual representations of racial injustice, I am eager to write something that will leave a smile on your face.
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A Paradigm Shift

2020 is going to need an asterisk beside it. Maybe several.
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Black Lives Matter.

Over the past week, the murder of yet another black man at the hands of yet another police officer has agitated not only our country but the world.
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IT Cost Optimization vs Cost-Cutting

You’ll often hear people use the terms “cost optimization” and “cost cutting” interchangeably. You might even be guilty of this yourself.
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The Mass Disruption of Workplace Environments During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For several weeks now, we’ve been completely uprooted. Forcefully shaken out of our routines. Not just from a work/business perspective, but personally.
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10 Ways to Optimize Supply Chain

79% of companies with effective supply chains were able to achieve high-level revenue growth. In contrast, companies with poorly developed supply chains were only able to obtain above-average growth 8% of the time.
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Everything You Need to Know About a Connected Enterprise

Every business knows that customer satisfaction and loyalty are the most integral components of their brand.
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What is Enterprise Software? : Types, Uses, and Benefits

Enterprise Application Software, or EAS, has practically become a household term in recent years, but is often not particularly well-defined, delineated, or understood across the business landscape.
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